Louis is so far in the closet that he’s having brunch with a talking lion and a boy named Peter.

Do you know why I don’t ship Elounor?

Because no girl should have a boyfriend that’s prettier than them.


The statistics say that 1 in every 10 men are gay.

So basically…

There’s a 100% chance that at least one of the guys is at least 1/2 gay.

There’s an article on Perez Hilton about Harry looking for a new pad in London. 


There better be room for TWO in there.

In response to all this drama…

I’ve never seen celebrities who claim to be so effected by a fandom.  The boys from Supernatural KNOW that’s half of their fanbase and they love it.  I just don’t understand why Louis has to be so sassy about the situation…

Oh wait, yes I do.

I love this video!  Not made by me but still fabulous!


at 2:40 harry says “i love to kiss lou, only looou, it’s gotta be louuuu” and earlier he laughs so hard he stops singing… but OMG LOOK AT LOUIS WHEN HARRY SAYS THOSE LYRICS AND AT THE END OF THE VIDEO WHEN THEY EXCHANGE WORDS AND SMILES AND LOUIS SHRUGS!!!!!! SO MANY FEELS! someone please hold me!

I’m usually pretty skeptical but the ‘I love to kiss Lou’ is pretty darn clear! Plus, it does look like Louis says “What about management?” around 3:18 and then Harry says something about loving Louis.  Everyone dead yet?

Unpopular opinion …

Harry tops. 

Can’t let a beautiful ass like that go to waste.   Harry agrees.

What this ship is doing to me right now….

But you know…in that good way.

I am so out of the loop.

I use to write…a lot!  But college and so forth has gotten in the way, not to mention working so much.  This whole Larry Stylinson thing though has got my OTP sensors on overload now!  I need to get back into writing.  Also, I do RPing on LJ and was severely disappointed that both boys are taken in the game.  How depressing is that? 

Mission #1: Figure out Tumblr.  Any helpful hints?